About Us

Established in 2014, PeoplePartners has grown from a premium staffing company to a leading business process outsourcing firm, deeply committed to scaling profitable and efficient organizations. Our headquarters in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines, serves as a launching pad for our vision, but our reach extends globally through our diverse and talented pool of employees.

Our Purpose

We are in the business of Partnering with Leaders to Scale Profitable & Efficient Organisations. This purpose is deeply embedded in our DNA, guiding our everyday activities and strategic decisions. We don’t just source talent; we align with your operational, branding, and cultural standards to ensure that our collaboration yields maximum efficiency and profitability for your organisation.

Communicating with Outsourced Teams: How to Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers | PeoplePartners BPO

Our Evolution

Since our inception, we have consistently met the requirements of our clients, fostering long-term partnerships that have stood the test of time. As we evolve, we continue to adapt to the changing landscape of the BPO industry, and more recently, to the new normal brought by the global pandemic.

Recognizing that productive and efficient employees are those who are HAPPY, FULFILLED, and have VOICES in their jobs, we have made working from home possible for our employees. This permanent work-from-home setup allows us to tap into a wider talent pool while ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our team members.

How We Help

Leverage our Outsourcing experience, we’ve been helping businesses succeed with outsourcing since 2014, so we’ve got the ‘playbook’ and can hold your hand to ensure your success. We help businesses of all sizes reduce their operational costs and streamline their business processes by providing professional full-time outsourced people at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment. These people should feel like a seamless extension of your current team, using all the same systems and tools to collaborate together to execute your business operations.

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Our Facilities

Whilst PeoplePartners is a Remote @Home specialist, we have highly appointed offices for clients requiring their team to be office based and for common facilities (e.g. board room and meeting rooms) to be booked by Remote @Home team members. Strategically located in the highly accessible tech-hub of Eastwood City in Manila, the PeoplePartners office if fully equipped, secure and appointed to a high standard.

Why the Philippines?

English speaking, high tertiary education rates with a lower cost of labour is routinely what is offered-up when answering this question – however the truth is for more expansive about why the Philippines needs to be part of your workforce strategy.

  • English Speaking – English is the formal language used in schools, universities and business, subsequently most Filipinos speak a high-level of English with a neutral accent.
  • Education – culturally, tertiary education is highly valued and with over 2,000 higher education facilities a massive qualified talent pool has been developed
  • Labour Costs – the Philippines enjoys a significantly reduced cost of living and so for our clients businesses this can manifest in a 60-70% labour costs saving, compared to a comparable on-shore person.
  • Culture – caring and friendly are two frequent adjectives used to describe Filipinos. Beyond these cultural traits, the Philippines has thoroughly embraced “Western” culture, ensuring a cultural compatibility between your PeoplePartners people and the incumbent team within your business
  • Time Zone – your people, your schedule, but the Philippines shares a time zone with parts of Australia meaning your working hours are likely convenient and desirable to a large percentage of the workforce
  • Pro-Business Governance – with Economic Zones established deliberately to support business and numerous initiatives to help the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry thrive, the Philippines has stable and business-friendly Governance.

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