PeoplePartners specialises in building remote teams of high performing and secure people for their clients. Hence if working remotely from home is attractive to you, then chances are PeoplePartners might be a great fit. We also recognise working remotely is not for all, some clients & team members prefer or need an office, so we have a highly appointed office in Eastwood, Quezon City. If you have a strong preference, please make this clear to your dedicated Recruiter so they’re aware of your preferred working environment.

Why Join our Team?

World-class Exposure

All of our team members have had prior professional experiences from working with companies of various scales and industries, local and abroad. As an Australian-managed firm providing specialized services to our offshore clients while observing the highest level of professionalism and business conduct, we are able to provide a world-class working environment to our employees. Likewise, we expect our people to be high performers and good ambassadors of the PeoplePartners brand.

Fulfilling Career Growth

Whether a team member is assigned in real estate, sales support or back office, we have carefully chartered our processes and workflows to ensure that our employees are able to enrich their skills and competencies while having the opportunity to grow into leadership roles in the company. PeoplePartners believes that each has what it takes to carve their own path, which is why we not only support but also encourage our people to exhibit a proactive and positive attitude in delivering winning results as they embark on a fulfilling career with us.

Competitive Employee Benefits

PeoplePartners knows that our people are our most important asset. We invest a significant amount of our time and resources in discovering and recruiting high-caliber individuals, hence, retaining our talents is on top of our priorities. To achieve this end, we see to it that our workforce is compensated with above-industry pay scales, comprehensive HMO and dental coverage, and they also get to enjoy quality rest and recreation through paid sick leaves and vacation leaves.

Exceptional Employee Engagement

There is more to tangible rewards when it comes to keeping our team members happy and actively engaged with the company’s business philosophy. With that in mind, we purposefully designed our office to remind our employees about people, quotes, books and music that keep them inspired. Daily huddles and team building activities are commonplace to foster harmonious relationships and close-knit teams. Furthermore, we have installed our pantry with television and games to keep our people relaxed and entertained during break times.

Caring Culture

We strongly believe that people are generally more satisfied and happy at work when they feel that the company cares for their overall well being. PeoplePartners observes a caring culture where we strive to motivate and support each other just like family. When our team members are inspired, they perform exceptionally well. Most importantly, they go home to their families feeling energized and enthusiastic in sharing about the day’s work.