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Benefits of Outsourcing

Increases Productivity
and Drives Efficiency, Flexibility,
& Higher Performance

Boosts Profitability
Through Lower Labour
& Operating Costs

Access to a highly skilled
talent pool

Unlock the Potential of Your NDIS Business with Offshore Staffing Solutions

Grow your NDIS Business faster and more efficiently! Chances are you entered this industry because you care and have a heart for people, but the ‘back office’ or admin burdens can be crippling.

PeoplePartners can help lift this burden by recruiting quality, professional people in the Philippines and it will cost you a lot less than you think!

We source specialised, talented and dedicated people for your business and then help cultivate them into a high performing team. Now, you have a high performing team focused and aligned to work alongside you to grow your business!

Transform Your NDIS Business with Cost-effective Offshore Staffing

What Roles Could my NDIS Business Outsource?

Business Development Coordinator

Support Business Development team with Participant acquisition – setting appointments, logging call notes, CRM data entry, monitoring Social groups for leads, etc.

Claims Officer

Validating claims and coverage, understanding insurance contracts, pricing claims, and reviewing coding.

Allied Health Assistant 

Scheduling, appointment confirmations, drafting case notes, drafting reports, etc -> amplifying Allied Health worker billable hours + boosting their job satisfaction (via reducing paperwork obligations)

Participant Induction Coordinator

Coordinating meetings, gathering documents (service agreements, consent forms, referral follow-ups, etc) and addressing participant queries and concerns.

Service / Scheduling Coordinators

Rostering & coordinating back-filling of shifts, plus ensuring all staff have appropriate skillsets & training to work with participants.

Support Coordinator Assistant

Amplify your Support Coordinators productivity & maximise their weekly billable hours by pairing them with an assistant, PLUS it’ll improve Support Coordinator job satisfaction & tenure.

Social Media Marketing/ SEO Co-Ordinator

Your staff can enhance website content, perform on-page optimizations, and boost social media engagement to improve SERP rankings and brand visibility.

Compliance Officer

Internal Audits, service agreements are up-to-date, proof-read progress reports, etc.

Enhance Your Business with Full-Spectrum Offshore Support

IT Infrastructure & Security

  • PeoplePartners Remote @Home IT:
  • • Enterprise-grade IT security protocols

    • Single sign-on + password management

    • VPN for security and bandwidth

    • Computer screen, application and idle tracking to measure productivity

    •Data security and loss prevention protocols

    • Internet redundancy

People Management & Support

  • Dedicated Industry Recruiters to find your next rockstar!
  • 24 hour Boardroom & meeting room access for team meetings & training
  • Dedicated Success Partners to support YOU in ensuring your global remote workforce execution is a success
  • Full-time HR Staff to support your People
  • Dedicated Operations Coordinator to support your People & monitor their productivity

Compliance & Administrative Support

  • Legal employment in the Philippines: compliance, tax & statutory obligations all met
  • Dedicated Finance & Payroll staff
  • Strong staff benefits package including health insurance (HMO) -> very attractive for staff

Prefer your staff in an office?

No Problem!

Our well-equipped office in Eastwood, Quezon City’s tech hub, stands ready to accommodate your new team or re-home your existing staff. Plus, for sporadic meeting or boardroom needs, team members from our Remote @Home service can conveniently reserve and use these facilities.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

PeoplePartners offer an incredibly simple and transparent pricing model. We want our clients enjoying savings of up to 70% on their labour costs and don’t want any part of our billing process to undermine the trust we build with our valued clients.

People CostGraduate
0-2 Years
2-5 Years
5+ Years
Gross Monthly salary Guide/Estimation*AU$ 800 per monthAU$ 1045 per monthAU$ 1200 per month


Remote @Home Service Fee From $665*

* Actual billing in USD, AUD provided as guide or billing can be conducted in AUD for a 3% FOREX fee.

Get A High-Performing Team In 3 Simple Steps!

1. Book A Strategy Call

We want to get to know your RTO better, so tell us about your business’s unique requirements and the talent and services we can provide you. Let see if we’re a fit!

2. Meet Talented & Qualified Candidates

We’ve formulated the strategy, we go to work recruiting up a storm that culminates in them meeting / interviewing candidates.

3. Welcome Your Rockstar Team

Your recruits will join your team and your Success Partner will continue to support you & your team to ensure everything is going smoothly.

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