People Partners Leadership Engages at ITECA RTO Business Summit Brisbane 2024 

Building on the momentum from their recent participation in the Adelaide summit on March 27th, PeoplePartners continued to engage with the vocational education and training community at the ITECA RTO Business Summit in Brisbane on April 5, 2024. This event, part of a series of summits, draws together Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), industry experts, and thought leaders to collaboratively address sector-wide growth and innovation. 

Notably, PeoplePartners CEO, Reuben Brennan, attended this event, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to engaging with and contributing to the vocational education and training community. 

PeoplePartners CGO and Co-founder, Anthony Rice, delivered insights on enhancing VET Workforce Strategies for ITECA members, aiming at improved profitability through strategic measures. This session reflected the summit’s ethos of collaboration and commitment to excellence. 

Embracing Change and Innovation 

Embracing change and innovation within the RTO sector was a central theme of the summit. Speakers highlighted how technological advancements and shifting industry needs are creating new opportunities for RTOs ready to adapt and innovate. 

Prioritizing Quality Training 

Quality training was a hot topic, highlighting the essential role of skilled trainers and comprehensive curriculum development in meeting the evolving needs of learners and industries. The discussions reinforced that the success of RTOs hinges on their ability to provide high-quality, relevant training. 

The Power of Collaboration 

The summit illuminated the power of collaboration. Whether through partnerships with industry or working closely with educational technology providers, there’s a consensus that collaborative efforts are crucial to enhancing the quality of training and education provided by RTOs. 

The ITECA RTO Business Summit Brisbane wasn’t just about understanding the current landscape; it was a forward-looking event, designed to equip RTOs for the challenges and opportunities on the horizon. The future is bright for RTOs that continue to focus on quality, innovation, and collaboration.