Remote @Home

High Performing and Secure Remote @Home People

The World has changed. Most Filipinos have been forced to work from home for 2 years. But with many Philippine cities plagued by terrible traffic, working from home has saved 4 – 6 hours PER DAY of commuting.

Working remotely or commuting up to 6 hours per day to and from the office, which is more preferable?

This attraction, becomes an opportunity for businesses seeking to build a rockstar Team. Offering the benefit of Remote @Home work will help you attract top talent and can save you money via not paying for a fancy office – but invariably there’s pitfalls and that’s where PeoplePartners delivers.

We help you build a high performing and secure remote Filipino team – with expertise, systems and processes to conquer the pitfalls!

Why Engage Your Remote @Home People Through PeoplePartners?

  • Legal employment in the Philippines: compliance, tax and statutory obligations all met
  • Dedicated Industry Recruiters to find your next rockstars!
  • Dedicated Success Partners to support YOU in ensuring your global remote workforce execution is a success
  • Strong staff benefits package including health insurance (HMO) -> very attractive for staff
  • Geo + Facial recognition time and attendance reporting
  • Dedicated Finance and Payroll staff
  • Dedicated IT support staff and ticketing system to maximise your Team’s uptime and productivity
  • 24-hour Boardroom and meeting room access for team meetings and training
  • Dedicated HR Staff to support your People
  • Dedicated Operations Manager to support your People and monitor their productivity
  • Employee Engagement and Retention Program
  • PeoplePartners Remote @Home IT:
  • Enterprise-grade IT security protocols
  • Single sign-on + password mgt
  • VPN for security and bandwidth
  • Computer screen, application and idle tracking to measure productivity
  • Data security and loss prevention protocols
  • Internet redundancy

What if I Want or Need my People in an Office?

No Problem!

Our well-equipped office in Eastwood, Quezon City’s tech hub, stands ready to accommodate your new team or re-home your existing staff. Plus, for sporadic meeting or boardroom needs, team members from our Remote @Home service can conveniently reserve and use these facilities.

Remote @Home Pricing

PeoplePartners offer an incredibly simple & transparent pricing model. We want our clients enjoying savings of
up to 70% on their labour costs and don’t want any part of our billing process to undermine the trust we build with
our valuable clients.

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