5 Benefits of Outsourcing NDIS Admin Services 

People Partners NDIS Admin raising hands in front of laptop

In operating an NDIS business you need staff who can help complete the required administrative tasks. This can includes rostering, reconciling time and attendance records, processing payroll, and updating entries into your Care Management System.

As your business grows, so do the admin tasks that you or your employees need to accomplish. However, these back-office responsibilities can prevent you from providing the best care to your clients. That’s because time-consuming tasks hinder you from doing your core business functions. Furthermore, the additional labour costs to complete these administrative tasks can pressure already tight margins.

Hiring additional employees who can do these admin tasks is a good solution. However, this compels you to face the reality of labour shortage and expensive employment costs. In addition, NDIS and care services businesses are faced with the following challenges:

  • Size constraints that make it challenging to augment your workforce with full-time, specialised positions
  • Budget constraints that impact operations and capital investment decisions
  • Complex compliance requirements
  • Participants expect top-quality and personalised care at an affordable price
    Non-medical concerns such as cyber security

Engaging a business process outsourcing (BPO) company can help you overcome these challenges. We have listed the five benefits of working with a BPO company to outsource your NDIS admin services.

1. Greater Access to Talent

The Australian Bureau of Statistics disclosed that 31% of businesses in Australia find it difficult to fill in vacant job posts.

The labour shortage affects various businesses across the country – not just the care services sector. Fortunately, technology has made it accessible for companies to tap into a global talent pool.

Through outsourcing, you are no longer limited to hiring local employees. You can work with a business process outsourcing company to help you search for suitable talents from overseas. This includes hiring, training, and managing your offshore team at a fraction of the cost.

2. Save on Labour Costs

One of the benefits of outsourcing NDIS admin services is that you can save up to 70% on labour costs. Employment costs in the Philippines are more affordable than hiring onshore staff. This is due to the significantly reduced cost of living.

People Partners NDIS Admin working on a laptop

3. Better Participant Care

Outsourcing allows you to provide better participant services by augmenting your workforce. As such, you may consider hiring offshore staff who can do the following administrative tasks:

  • NDIS Administrative Assistants. NDIS admin assistants are responsible for supporting the operational needs of your NDIS business. This includes managing NDIS packages, general data processing, and ensuring that new NDIS participants are set up correctly in the customer relationship management platform.
  • Customer Support. Customer support will interact with participants about their queries and complaints and process requests.
  • Finance Administrative Assistants. They provide support to different stakeholders by handling time-consuming and transactional tasks. This includes providing accurate and timely financial reports, processing NDIS service bookings and claims, and receiving and checking provider invoices.

By outsourcing tasks that remove you from focusing on your core function, you increase your capacity to provide better participant care.

4. Improve Turnaround Time

NDIS is known for having a hefty amount of administrative tasks that must be dealt with. Being bogged down by these admin tasks, such as reconciling time and attendance records of support workers and processing claims, can cripple the growth of your care services business.

5. Accelerate Business Growth

Outsourcing allows your NDIS business to have the capacity for business growth. This includes hiring the right people, implementing streamlined processes, and providing better participant care.

It relieves your onshore team of admin tasks. Hence, they have more time to focus on your participants. This can ultimately lead to the growth of your NDIS or care services business.

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NDIS businesses in Australia scramble to meet their participants’ needs and establish safety protocols. Hence, outsourcing can provide them with an efficient way to provide better participant care services.

If you are taking this route, you will need a dedicated team trained to help you cater to participant needs.

Outsourcing NDIS admin services allows you to delegate tasks that can otherwise bog you down from growing your business. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Greater access to talent
  2. Save on labour cost
  3. Better participant care response
  4. Improved turnaround time
  5. Accelerate business growth

At PeoplePartners BPO, we help NDIS and care services businesses build high-performing remote teams. We also boast a simple and transparent pricing model that lets you save up to 70% on labour costs! Contact us today and discover how outsourcing can help you streamline your business processes and boost profitability.