4 Work-From-Home BPO Career Tips

For the past two decades, the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines has paved the way for creating economic zones in different parts of the country. This has generated jobs and increased the Philippines’ gross domestic product.

In relation to this, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) projects that the number of BPO employees will increase to 1.43 million and an industry revenue of USD 29.09 billion by 2024.

Meanwhile, working in the BPO industry can see you working for companies all around the globe in exciting and very fulfilling roles. Hence, you might consider starting a career within the BPO industry.

There is an abundance of opportunities to work in the BPO industry. However, you can only have a thriving career if you have the grit to work in a challenging and fast-paced work environment.

That said, we have listed four tips on how you can have a fulfilling work-from-home BPO career:

1. Consider BPO for the Long-Term

Here’s the thing: Working in BPO is no longer limited to being a call centre agent or chat support specialist. Some provide human resources functions, IT support, marketing expertise, and more. There are also more reasons why building a BPO career can be a good idea:

Competitive Salary

BPO companies often provide compensation that is above the market average. This is in addition to employee incentives on top of the government-mandated benefits. It also includes performance-based bonuses, health insurance, and more.

At PeoplePartners BPO, we offer permanent work-from-home arrangement, HMO on day 01, and cash conversion of leaves.

Room for Career Growth

Working in the BPO industry is not a dead-end job. You can support various businesses depending on your skills and experience. Some BPO employees support mortgage broking businesses, while some cater to training and education or health care services.

In addition, BPO companies have carefully chartered their processes to ensure that employees can enrich their skills and competencies. That way, they can grow into leadership roles.

World-class Working Environment

In relation to career growth, senior BPO employees have experience working with companies from various industries and scales. This means you can tap team leaders who can mentor you on how to be a high-performing team member and provide better client services.

Thus, consider your entry role in the BPO company as the first step to achieving a leadership role. This includes working diligently to bring desired results, which you can leverage for promotion or salary increase.

Exceptional Employee Engagement

BPO companies are keen to keep their employees inspired and engaged. That’s because the more involved employees are, the more likely they will stay in the company.

Here are PeoplePartners BPO, we keep the employees engaged through daily huddles and team-building activities. This fosters harmonious and close-knit relationships across the teams, with management, and with our clients.

2. Give it Your Best Shot

The BPO industry is a performance-oriented sector. This means that the value you provide to the company can impact your growth and your goal of having a fulfilling career. Hence, you should always give it your best shot to thrive in this industry. This includes honing and leveling up your skills and ensuring that you are on top of your responsibilities and the industry standards.

3. Always be Learning

Regardless of your educational background, getting the hang of working in the BPO industry may take a while. Plus, the work environment is fast-paced and dynamic. That’s because a BPO company caters to multiple highly regulated sectors like health and care services, mortgage broking, training and education, and many more.

Hence, it is vital that you are abreast with the regulations and policies relevant to the sector you are catering to. Suppose you are supporting a Registered Training Organisation in Australia. In that case, that means you should familiarize yourself with their compliance requirements and processes. That way, you can better guide an RTO business owner in preparing the necessary documents and addressing their concerns.

4. Love What You Do

According to a post by the University of Southern California, people who enjoy their work are likely to learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and make better business decisions.

The key to loving what you do is putting your BPO career in perspective.

Every job is stressful. However, looking at the bigger picture and making your break times count will allow you to appreciate life out of your BPO career. This includes respecting what your work allows you to do.

Start Your BPO Career With PeoplePartners BPO

The BPO sector has emerged as one of the most promising and rewarding career avenues for new and experienced professionals. That’s because they provide better compensation, career growth, a world-class work environment, and excellent employee engagement.

There are also BPO companies like PeoplePartners BPO that provide Remote @Home solutions. This allows employees to look for permanent work-from-home opportunities wherein they can save up to six hours on their daily commute. No need to be plagued by terrible Metro Manila traffic!

Whether you are switching gears or forging your path, working in the BPO industry enables you to have a fulfilling career.

PeoplePartners BPO is always looking for skilled and high-performing individuals to be part of our team. Check out our job vacancies to get your dream job!