Work-Life Balance: 7 Ways Australian BPO Employees can Achieve It

Work-Life Balance: 7 Ways Australian BPO Employees can Achieve It | PeoplePartners BPO

Are you looking for a business process outsourcing (BPO) career? Then you’re in luck. In recent years, more and more Australian businesses are outsourcing to the Philippines, giving Filipinos a chance at building rewarding careers with established offshore companies. And the best part is that most of these outsourced jobs are work-from-home positions, allowing you to earn without having to go to an office.

What Does a Work-from-Home Setup Mean for Filipino Workers?

A work-from-home arrangement offers many exciting benefits for Filipino workers, but it also comes with several drawbacks. Here are some of the setup’s pros and cons:

Pro: You can do your tasks in the comfort of your own home. Your familiarity with your surroundings may help you stay focused on your tasks and, thus, be productive.

Con: You will be working at home alone and away from your co-workers. If you’re used to working closely with others, a work-from-home setup can be lonely and challenging.

Pro: You don’t have to deal with commuting in the Philippines’ notoriously bad traffic conditions. As you won’t be spending on transportation, you will be able to save money.

Con: You can’t quickly turn to your colleagues if you want to say something or ask a question. You’ll have to take extra steps just to send them an email or chat or talk to them via a brief voice call.

Pro: You can freely manage your time, especially if your job doesn’t follow a fixed daily schedule. If you manage your tasks properly, you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones or do the things that spark your interest.

Con: Because you’re away from your co-workers, you may have a hard time building and maintaining a relationship with them.

Another important factor that usually comes up during discussions about work from home is work-life balance. By potentially giving you more time to do the things you like, a work-from-home setup may improve your work-life balance, which may then have a positive impact on your motivation and mental health.

However, things are not quite as simple as that. On the other hand, because they often don’t follow a fixed schedule, many remote workers end up working more and for longer periods than they should. This leaves them exhausted, at greater risk of burnout, and missing out on work-from-home setups’ work-life-balance-related benefits.

How Can You Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Remote BPO Employee?

Proper management is key to achieving work-life balance when you are a work-from-home BPO employee. Here are tips on how to accomplish that:

1. Follow a Schedule

Even if your employer allows you to freely set your working hours, you should try to do your tasks within a specific period, just like you would in a conventional office-based setup. This not only helps you stay focused on your responsibilities, but it also lets you separate your time for personal and work-related activities. Furthermore, having a specific schedule ensures that your loved ones know when they shouldn’t disturb you.

Once you’ve set up your schedule, make sure to stick to it. Start work and log out exactly when you’re supposed to. If possible, you should also avoid reading work-related emails and messages outside of work hours.

2. Set a Specific Workspace

Find a particular spot in your home that will be dedicated to your job. Ideally, this place should be neat, far from potential distractions, and conducive to your creativity. If possible, avoid working in places that other people frequent, such as your dining table, or on your bed, as you might end up feeling too cosy and fall asleep. Finding a specific space for work will further allow you to separate office-related from personal matters.

3. Do Not Neglect Breaks

You may feel compelled to ignore breaks so you can finish your tasks sooner, but this may leave you feeling more tired. Give yourself time in between outputs to talk to your friend, grab a snack, or rest your eyes. This will help you feel refreshed and primed to get back to your tasks.

4. Chat with Your Co-workers

Being able to spend time with your co-workers is part of what makes working in the office appealing. Although you can’t personally interact with your colleagues, you can catch up with them via your office chat tool. Ask them how their day is going, what their plans are after work, or what series they’re watching on Netflix. Just make sure to do so when neither of you is busy with your tasks.

5. Go Outside

When things at work become too stressful and stuffy, consider going outside to get a breath of fresh air. This also works if you need fresh ideas. Look out your window, take your dog for a short walk, or smell the flowers in your garden. This will help refresh your head and may even give your creativity a boost.

6. Enjoy Your Lunch

A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. For this reason, avoid the temptation to eat junk food and do not scrimp on your meal in between work hours. A delicious and healthy lunch not only supplies your body with essential nutrients, but it’s also a treat for any stressed-out soul.

7. Ask for Help

Many Filipinos would rather labour over a difficult and complex task than ask for help from a co-worker. This behaviour not only makes the task less likely to be completed but also makes work harder and more stressful overall.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you truly need it. Keep in mind that you’re supposed to function as a unified team. Asking for help gets things done, makes work a breeze, and even helps in building stronger relationships between you and your colleagues. Just make sure to return the favour when the opportunity arises.

Want to Start a BPO Career?

Working from home allows you to avoid the difficulties that come with traditional office-based setups. If you manage your tasks and time properly, it will enable you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance while building and maintaining a full and rewarding career.

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