8 NDIS Jobs That You Can Outsource

People Partners NDIS Plan Manager on a call with an outsourced staff

As a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, you should focus on helping NDIS participants accomplish their life goals. But with mounting administrative tasks during your day-to-day operations, doing so is often easier said than done. One of the best ways to stay on top of crucial tasks while achieving your organisation’s primary objective is by outsourcing roles and tasks to the Philippines.

What Is Outsourcing and How Does It Benefit Your Organisation?

Outsourcing involves hiring third parties to perform tasks that are otherwise accomplished within your company. You can outsource within Australia, but you may also consider outsourcing offshore for more significant advantages.

Outsourcing to countries like the Philippines can help you save up to 70% on labour expenses. For one, it costs more to hire local specialists than it does to recruit Filipino experts with a similar skill set. What’s more, outsourcing enables you to grow your team without spending more on space, utilities, and equipment.

More importantly, offloading tasks to outsourced personnel frees your on-site team to focus on your organisation’s mission. Your team will have more bandwidth for providing each participant with the support they need to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

What NDIS Jobs Can You Outsource to the Philippines?

An offshore staffing company like PeoplePartners BPO can help you build a dedicated and high-performing team of professionals who can accomplish the following jobs:

1. Customer Service

Receiving calls and answering enquiries from participants and their family members, vendors, and prospects can take up much of your on-site personnel’s time and attention. Thanks to outsourcing, you can easily organise a team dedicated to these crucial tasks. You can even have your outsourced employees do outbound calls for lead generation and nurturing, which are essential processes if you want to grow your organisation.

2. Marketing

If you want your business to stand out and be visible to both prospective and existing stakeholders, then you need to invest in marketing. Unfortunately, hiring even a single marketing specialist can be too costly. With outsourcing, you can recruit an entire team of marketing professionals who will develop, launch, and track entire campaigns for generating leads, improving visibility, positioning services, and any other goal your organisation might have.

3. Payroll and Bookkeeping

Accounting personnel do not have to be on-site to successfully process payroll and maintain your company accounts. In fact, thanks to readily available cloud-based accounting solutions, off-shore employees can easily, promptly, and securely fill timesheets, chase approvals, and accomplish virtually any bookkeeping responsibility.

4. Accounts Payable / Receivable

As account processors handle invoices, their job can be critical to your business’s reputation. After all, they ensure that vendors are paid on time and that participants’ balances are updated accurately, among other outcomes. But similar to payroll and bookkeeping, technology has now made it possible to outsource account processing to the Philippines with little to no risk to your business and stakeholders.

5. Rostering Coordination

Your business has to be ready for any concerns from participants, and this is why rostering coordinators are so important. They are responsible for publishing rosters and communicating shifts to your internal team, ensuring that someone in your business is always available. Delegating this responsibility to a professional in the Philippines will leave all members of your team free to look out for participants.

6. Property Research and Monitoring

Finding a suitable property for participants requires focus and a proactive approach, a challenge when your internal team has to attend to several important matters all at once. Outsourcing gives you dedicated employees who can vet options, communicate with agents, and reach out to property managers.

7. Transport and Activity Coordination

Besides ensuring that participants are accommodated in satisfactory properties, you also need to help them secure transport to and from their activities. A transport and activity coordinator can help by scheduling transport and activities, sending reminders to the appropriate individuals, and responding to escalations, among others. As with property research and monitoring, this job can be effectively handled by outsourced employees over the internet.

8. Compliance

NDIS providers are highly regulated. A dedicated compliance officer can help you follow government standards and regulations by conducting internal audits, confirming records, and verifying your team’s qualifications. As Australian businesses have been outsourcing to the Philippines for years now, you can easily find Filipino professionals who are familiar with Australian NDIS requirements and can help you comply with them.

Start Outsourcing NDIS Jobs to the Philippines

With PeoplePartners BPO, building a high-performing offshore team that matches your needs is simple! Whether you need one staff member or an entire team of professionals, we will take care of recruiting your outsourced staff and getting them ready to deliver results.

Furthermore, we’re making it easy for you to offer remote work options through our Remote@Home model. Many Filipinos are attracted to a work-from-home setup, so building a rockstar team for your organisation is easier than ever! We have dedicated personnel who take care of labour compliance, HR and payroll, IT support and security, and statutory obligations for you.

With PeoplePartners BPO’s help, you can provide clients with the best service and grow your business at the same time. Start outsourcing NDIS jobs to the Philippines by contacting us today.