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Your team has to grow as your mortgage broking business expands. However…

  • Your area doesn’t have the talent you need
  • Hiring locally available talent costs too much
  • Recruitment is a disappointingly long process
  • Hiring locally can limit your business’s expansion
  • Bank needs and expectations are changing rapidly
  • Inflation is putting unsustainable pressure on your profitability

We believe mortgage broking businesses in Australia deserve:

  • Lower operating and labour costs, leading to increased profitability
  • Access to a wider pool of high-quality talent
  • Capability to expand to a National market with clients from different time zones
  • Improved productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and performance
  • Enhanced data security and business continuity
  • Boost over competitors through costs, better turnaround times, and excellent customer service

You Can Trust PeoplePartners BPO

We understand optimal workflows and processes, as well as the pain points and challenges that business owners like yourself face. With real-world experience in workforce engineering and re-engineering, PeoplePartners BPO can design workflows and processes, as well as recruit, onboard, train, and retain outsourced teams that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

How does PeoplePartners BPO help your mortgage broking business stay competitive?

Your mortgage broking business needs a team of professionals that can scale with your business’s changing needs. Unfortunately, finding staff with the right skills and experience takes time. And when you do find them, recruiting them often costs a lot of money.

PeoplePartners BPO gives you access to an expansive talent pool that includes finance professionals from the Philippines. Filipinos are fluent in English, are experienced in outsourced services, and belong to a low-cost economy. This means you can integrate them into your team without breaking your budget.

With us as your partner, you can build a high-performing team quickly. Each personnel joins your team ready to take on tasks, offer great service to your clients, and help your business grow.

Expanding the market share of your business comes with a certain demand that your workforce must be capable of meeting. On top of being able to work in different time zones, your staff must also be familiar with clients from different cultures.

Filipino finance professionals can work at any time of the day, so they can work with clients from any part of Australia. Because the Philippines has been among the top outsourcing hubs for years now, most Filipino workers are adept at serving clients from different cultures.

PeoplePartners BPO employs enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions to ensure that all of your offshore processes are secure and meet pertinent compliance requirements.

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Offshore Team

1. Book A Strategy Call

We want to get to know you better, so tell us about your mortgage broking business, its unique requirements, and the talent and services you need. Let’s determine if we’re a good “fit.”

2. Meet Your Success Manager

We’ll introduce you to one of our amazing Success Managers, who will join you in helping build your offshore team.

3. Welcome Your Rockstar Team

Once the recruitment process is complete, your new hire will commence but your Success Manager will remain to help support you & your new team member, to ensure everything is going smoothly.

The PeoplePartners BPO promise

Reduced Cost

Hire finance professionals for your team at a fraction of the cost of doing so in Australia.

Improved Scalability

Scale the size of your team to meet your business’s changing needs.

High Performing Teams

Find finance professionals with the skill set and experience your business needs.

5-Star Client Experiences

Anticipate and meet clients’ needs, and ensure customer satisfaction at every step.

Business Continuity

Avoid common business interruptions and ensure smooth operations.

How BrokerEngine Manages Their Work-From-Home Teams Efficiently

Working with PeoplePartners BPO allows BrokerEngine to efficiently manage a work-from-home team ofdevelopers, admin, and QA.

Will Swayne | CEO, BrokerEngine

Reduce Labour Costs and Stay Ahead of the Game