Why outsource?

A tightening labour market, skills shortages and shifting economic conditions may be the impetus that prompts Australian businesses to consider outsourcing, however the benefits are many and significant, including:

  • Boosting profitability through lower labour and operating costs
  • Accessing a highly skilled talent pool
  • Accessing a bigger, global market and providing service across multiple timezones
  • Increasing productivity
  • Driving efficiency, flexibility and higher performance
  • Business Continuity
  • Ascendency over competitors via being able to over-service customers, invest more in marketing, extend operating hours, offer cheaper pricing, etc.

Perhaps some of these benefits are attractive and worth your business exploring too?


Why the Philippines?

English speaking with high tertiary education rates and a lower cost of labour is routinely what is offered-up when answering this question – however the truth is for more expansive about why the Philippines needs to be part of your workforce outsourcing strategy.

  • English Speaking – English is the formal language used in schools, universities and business, subsequently most Filipinos speak a high-level of English with a neutral accent.
  • Education – culturally, tertiary education is highly valued and with over 2,000 higher education facilities a massive, qualified talent pool has been developed
  • Labour Costs – the Philippines enjoys a significantly reduced cost of living and so for our clients businesses this can manifest in a 60-70% labour costs saving, compared to a comparable on-shore person.
  • Culture – caring and friendly are two frequent adjectives used to describe Filipinos. Beyond these cultural traits, the Philippines has thoroughly embraced “Western” culture, ensuring a cultural compatibility between your PeoplePartners people and the incumbent team within your business
  • Time Zone – your people, your schedule, but the Philippines shares a time zone with parts of Australia meaning your working hours are likely convenient and desirable to a large percentage of the workforce
  • Pro-Business Governance – with Economic Zones established deliberately to support business and numerous initiatives to help the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry thrive, the Philippines has stable and business-friendly Governance.