How much can I save when I outsource to the Philippines?

You can save up to 70% on labour costs when you outsource to the Philippines. That’s because they have low cost of living. Outsourcing also eliminates the financial strain of renting a bigger office to accommodate all your employees. Additionally, it reduces the resources needed to hire and onboard new staff because a business process outsourcing company can do it for you.

What roles can I offshore to PeoplePartners?

At PeoplePartners BPO, we have helped Australian businesses outsource roles like business administrator, finance, marketing, software developer, sales support, compliance officers, resource developers, parabrokers, nurses, trainers, and many more. You can outsource any non-field based role that involves working on a computer.

Can I outsource even if I run a small or medium-sized business?

Absolutely! Most of our clients are small to medium businesses because as a SME, growth, margin, and profitability are paramount. Attracting high quality talent whilst saving up to 70% is something that every small to medium businesses should consider. PeoplePartners Success Managers are well adept at supporting and aiding SMEs to grow and scale their business efficiently via leveraging the opportunities of outsourcing.

How long does it take to set up an offshore team with PeoplePartners?

Typically, our team of recruiters can present candidates within a week after a client signs a Staff Requisition form. Onboarding will be subject to your availability to participate in interviews and the notice period of the successful candidate (if they are currently employed). Routinely onboarding subject to these factors takes 3 to 6 weeks.

How do PeoplePartners attract and retain talents?

Talent pools cultivated over many years, effective advertising and skilled recruiters help PeoplePartners attract high quality talent. We also have Remote @Home, wherein clients can hire work-from-home employees. This feature is desirable for talents who want to be location independent or work within the comforts of their home. Hence, it can yield 5x more applicants. Talent is then retained through working with our clients to ensure stimulating and rewarding work, supported by a strong benefits program, rich cultural activities, and routine recognition opportunities.

Does my offshore team work in an office or in a work-from-home setup?

It’s up to you. PeoplePartners have a fancy office, with all the mod-cons you’d expect, but more and more we’re discovering our clients just want to attract the best talent and be confident they’re working safely and productively. We specialise in Remote @Home because this is clearly a preference of the highest quality of talent. Hence, the opportunity is to ensure that your offshore staff is safe and productive. PeoplePartners have fantastic systems to ensure cyber security and monitor productivity to give our clients the ultimate in peace of mind.

How does PeoplePartners’ pricing structure compare to other outsourcing companies?

PeoplePartners pricing is simple and transparent. The BPO industry is plagued with ‘mysterious’ pricing, with clients just paying a fee – oblivious to how much their valued staff member is earning. This is fraught with risk for clients, because this could lead to frequent resignations caused by renumeration. We are transparent about how the employees are compensated in addition to helping our clients to be involved in setting and negotiating salaries on a periodical basis. PeoplePartners simply charge staff remuneration at cost (no mark-ups), plus a set Service Fee. Simple and transparent.

How can I monitor my offshore team’s attendance and productivity?

PeoplePartners have facial recognition clock-in and clock-out to ensure the integrity of all attendance records, whether they work in the office or at home. Furthermore, computer productivity is monitored, and alarms set for inactivity or non-approved use of applications. All this is managed by our IT and HR staff to provide our clients peace of mind and the ability for them to just focus on operational excellence with their staff.