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Having committed and experienced people on your team is critical to your RTO’s success. However…

  • Australia’s RTO talent pool is facing a steady decline
  • Finding and hiring local talent can cost your business a lot of money
  • Building a capable team can take too much time
  • Your business’s and students’ needs have changed in the new normal
  • You’re struggling to retain existing team members who are considering leaving the RTO sector
  • Going through the whole hiring process yourself can be a massive distraction from normal business operations

As a Registered Training Organisation, you deserve:

  • Increased profitability through lowered operating and labour costs
  • Access to a wider pool of high-quality talent that meets your needs
  • The ability to expand your market share
  • Enhanced productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and performance
  • Business continuity and resistance to sudden and costly disruptions
  • An edge over competitors through excellent service, effective marketing, and lower costs

At PeoplePartners BPO, we have what it takes to help you run and grow your RTO

Our founders have started and managed several RTOs, so they have years of deep knowledge of the needs, challenges, and optimal RTO management processes. They also have real-world experience in workforce engineering and workflow and process design, as well as recruiting, onboarding, training, and retaining teams following the offshore outsourcing model for RTOs.

How does PeoplePartners BPO help your RTO business stay competitive?

PeoplePartners BPO makes it easy to set up an offshore team of experienced education professionals, including RTO consultants. Whether it’s handling admin tasks or student support, your offshore team can free your training staff to focus on your students’ learning.

Every member of your offshore team will possess skills and experience comparable to locally available talent. They are, however, from less expensive economies like the Philippines, so you can hire and retain them at a much lower cost. As a leading RTO consulting service provider, PeoplePartners BPO can provide expert advice and support to help you manage your RTO more efficiently.

PeoplePartners BPO handles every step of the recruitment process, so you can focus on managing your RTO. With our years of experience in workforce engineering, we have what it takes to quickly build a high-performing team that meets your unique requirements.

In order to ensure profitability, RTOs in Australia must be able to manage their operating costs while attracting and retaining students and clients. PeoplePartners BPO can help you with both, offering cost-effective RTO consulting services to help you reach your business goals.

With access to affordable, high-quality talent, you can run your RTO for less. More importantly, you can hire more people with your existing labour budget. You will therefore have more staff to address your students’ needs.

You can use your offshore team to support students in various ways. These include enrolments, AVETMISS data entry into your student management system, student support, trainer or BDM assistants, resource development, quality / compliance, marketing assistants, bookkeepers and so many more roles! With your offshore team, you can retain students and ensure they gain their qualifications, attract more clients, and keep your RTO growing and profitable.

Get A High-Performing Team In 3 Simple Steps!

1. Book A Strategy Call

We want to get to know your RTO better, so tell us about your business’s unique requirements and the talent and services we can provide you. Let see if we’re a fit!

2. Meet Your Success Manager

We’ll introduce you to your dedicated Success Manager who will be with you every step of the way, supporting you towards hiring your first staff member.

3. Welcome Your Rockstar Team

Your recruits will join your team and your Success Manager will continue to support you & your team to ensure everything is going smoothly.

With PeoplePartners BPO, you get

Reduced Cost

Build an experienced and professional team at a fraction of the cost.

Improved Scalability

Easily hire more people as your business’s needs change over time.

High Performing Teams

Populate your team with high-quality talent, with outstanding communication skills.

5-Star Student Experiences

Get the staff needed to provide outstanding and dedicated support for each student.

Business Continuity

Keep your business going despite changing demands through online tools and services.

How Redmako Learning Delivers Qualifications Cost Effectively

People Partners provides Redmako with tutors who guide students through every step in their journey, from enrolment to completion

Joanne Monk | Training Manager, Redmako Learning

Start Building Your World-Class Team Now!

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