Strategic Session

Workforce Re-Engineering with Anthony Rice


Do you need help with scaling your business?

For the last 12 years of my career I’ve been helping business owners grow and scale their businesses – but growth is just for vanity unless it’s accompanied by efficiency and improving profitability. This is what I help deliver.

Re-engineering workforces is my passion and through PeoplePartners I help my clients enjoy savings of up to 70% on their labour costs.

PeoplePartners is a premium staffing company that sources talent to align with the operational, brand and cultural standards of our clients, enabling them to build high-performing and secure teams.

In our video conference session I’d love to:

  1. Learn about your business & current workforce construct
  2. Discuss duplication vs segmentation of a scaling workforce
  3. Discover what, if any, experience you’ve had with outsourcing & offshoring
  4. Share my experiences of how I’ve helped save businesses up to 70% on their labour costs
  5. Explore some case studies of businesses in your same industry that I’ve helped through PeoplePartners

I genuinely want to add value to you & your business – so invite you to book a time directly in my Calendar. Look forward to sharing time with you!


Anthony Rice

PH: 0409 640 469