Workforce Re-Engineering with Anthony Rice


Do you need help with scaling your business?

For the past 12 years Anthony Rice has been helping business owners grow and scale their businesses – but as he suggests “growth is vanity, profit is sanity.” Subsequently his talents lie in mining out business efficiencies and improving profitability.

Anthony’s passion is in re-engineering workforces and through PeoplePartners he routinely helps clients enjoy savings of up to 70% on their labour costs.

About PeoplePartners

PeoplePartners is a premium staffing company that sources talent to align with the operational, brand and cultural standards of clients, enabling them to build high-performing and secure teams.

Webinar Topics

  1. Workforce Re-Engineering
  2. Duplication vs segmentation of a scaling workforce
  3. Benefits of outsourcing and offshoring
  4. Myths and misconceptions
  5. How businesses save up to 70% on their labour costs
  6. Case studies of businesses in your industry that have enjoyed remarkable successes working with PeoplePartners
  7. Your questions – answered


Anthony aspires to add value, inspire and motivate every single registrant to want more from their business and ensure they’re scaling with sanity! Register today for an upcoming webinar. ⬇️⬇️⬇️