PeoplePartners in Perth: A Game-Changer for RTO Efficiency and Compliance 

For many RTO managers, staying abreast of frequent regulatory changes by ASQA and aligning with standards set by State Training Authorities are constant challenges. Integrating offshore staffing into your RTO can provide a buffer against the unpredictability of regulatory shifts, ensuring that your operations remain compliant without constant internal upheaval.  

Join us and our CGO Anthony Rice at the ITECA RTO Business Summit – Perth this Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at Pan Pacific, Perth, where PeoplePartners will spotlight tailored offshore staffing solutions specifically designed for the RTO industry. 

Anthony, with his extensive experience in strategic business development within the RTO sector, will introduce how offshore staffing not only meets compliance demands efficiently but also elevates the overall quality and scalability of services offered by RTOs.  

2024 ITECA RTO Business Summit – Perth  

📆 Date: Tuesday, 30 April 2024 | 10:00AM to 3:15PM 

📍 Location: Pan Pacific, Perth 

This event delves into the dynamics of private and state-supported training programs and employer perspectives. By attending the 2024 ITECA RTO Business Summit in Perth, your organization can gain helpful insights that support efforts to adapt and maintain high standards, contributing to a reputation for excellence. 

Connect with PeoplePartners 

Chances are, you entered this industry because you care and have a heart for people, but the ‘back office’ or admin burdens can be crippling. 

At PeoplePartners, we recognize the unique challenges and aspirations that define the daily reality of an RTO business, and we are eager to demonstrate how offshore staffing solutions can elevate your RTO’s operations. 

PeoplePartners can help lift this burden by recruiting quality, professional people in the Philippines and it will cost you a lot less than you think!  

Learn how we can help your RTO business faster and more efficiently. See you in Perth!