Boost Your RTO: PeoplePartners Awaits You at the Melbourne’s Premier RTO Summit and Australian Health & Care Sector Skills Symposium

The vocational education and training (VET) scene is changing fast, and finding the right partners and new ideas has never been more important. Join PeoplePartners at the 2024 RTO Business Summit in Melbourne on 12 March and the Australian Health & Care Sector Skills Symposium on 13 March, both hosted by ITECA.

We will have a moment to share our journey and how we can support your organisation’s growth and efficiency. This offers a fantastic opportunity for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to network with industry leaders, pick up on the latest trends, and find out how to make training programmes stand out. Let’s chat, learn, and grow together. See you there!

2024 RTO Business Summit in Melbourne

Date: 12 March 2024 | 10:00AM to 3:15PM

Location: Amora Riverwalk, Richmond (inner Melbourne)

This summit unites some of the brightest minds to provide fresh insights. Attended by leading employers, expert skills trainers, and top-notch university professionals, the programme is designed to address both the significant challenges and the golden opportunities within the VET sector, with a special emphasis on tourism and hospitality.

Australian Health & Care Sector Skills Symposium

Date: 13 March 2024

Location: Amora Riverwalk, Richmond (inner Melbourne)

Facing a forecasted gap of over 200,000 workers in the health and care sectors within the next three decades, the Australian Health and Care Sector Skills Symposium couldn’t come at a better time. This vital event is all about digging into the future needs of our workforce and how this will spark demand for education and training across the healthcare board.

Why You Should Attend

This summit is an invaluable platform for RTOs’ senior managers and owners looking to enhance their organisation’s profile and deepen engagement within the industry. By attending, you will:

  • Gain insights from opinion leaders renowned for their deep understanding of vocational education challenges and trends.
  • Participate in critical conversations about policy reform, quality training, and the future demand for skilled workers.
  • Explore innovative strategies to meet the increasing need for effective and efficient training solutions.

Connect with PeoplePartners

At PeoplePartners, we’re all about crafting custom offshore staffing solutions to propel the RTO industry forward. Swing by our booth at the summit to see how we can help your organisation thrive with top-notch remote teams, streamlined operations, and slashed operational costs. Tailored specifically for your business, we’re here to ensure your growth is both optimal and sustainable.

Your Invitation to Collaborate and Grow

We warmly extend an invitation to all senior managers and owners of RTOs to meet with us during the summits. This is your opportunity to learn how our customized offshore solutions can complement your training delivery and operational objectives.

Can’t wait to see you there and explore how PeoplePartners can contribute to your success! Visit our website to know more about how we can help your RTO business.

2024 RTO Business Summit – Melbourne


Australian Health & Care Sectors Symposium