Navigating Global Workforce Dynamics for Training Excellence 

Mark your calendars for 5 December for a pivotal webinar, “Create and Manage a Global Workforce,” featuring two esteemed speakers: Anthony Rice, Chief Growth Officer at PeoplePartners, and Javier Amaro, CEO and Founder of Insources Group. This session delves into the crucial aspects of high-quality training, assessment, and quality assurance in a global workforce context.

In today’s global business landscape, the quest for top-notch trainers and assessors is more challenging than ever. Our webinar offers insights into leveraging a global workforce to meet and exceed these training and assessment needs.

Webinar Highlights

Efficient Global Workforce Management

Discover strategies for assembling and leading a diverse, international team.

Enhancing Training Quality

Learn how a global workforce can maintain and improve the standards of training and assessment.

Solutions to Trainer Shortages

Explore innovative approaches to address the shortage of qualified trainers and assessors.

Anthony Rice brings a wealth of experience in business strategy and workforce re-engineering from PeoplePartners, while Javier Amaro offers expertise from leading Insources Group. Together, they provide a comprehensive view of managing and benefiting from a global workforce in the training sector.

This webinar is tailored for RTO owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, General Managers, and professionals involved in training and quality assurance. If you’re grappling with training quality or trainer availability issues, this session is for you.

Event Details
Date: 05 December 2023
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:00PM SYD

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Join us for this transformative webinar to gain invaluable strategies from Anthony Rice and Javier Amaro on managing a global workforce for training excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your practices; secure your spot today for a session that blends interaction with expertise and practical insights.

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