Mastering Student Attraction & Onboarding: Unlocking RTO & Higher Ed Growth 

Are you navigating the complex terrain of student attraction, enrollment, and onboarding in the RTO and Higher Education sectors? Tired of the intricacies of marketing, CRM systems, and compliance sapping your organization’s vitality? You’re not alone, and change is overdue.

Join Anthony Rice, Chief Growth Officer at PeoplePartners and a seasoned expert in workforce re-engineering and educational technology, and Javier Amaro, CEO and Founder of Insources Group, for an eye-opening journey into transforming these challenges into unparalleled opportunities. This webinar is done in partnership with Insources Group and is the first in a transformative 3-part series aimed at redefining the future of educational institutions like yours.

This 3-part series covers

Part 1: Attracting & Onboarding Students: Marketing to Enrollment
Date: September 12, 2023

Part 2: Quality Training & Assessment: Ensuring Excellence
Date: November 14, 2023

Part 3: Elevating Student Engagement & Completion Rates
Date: February 06, 2024

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This Webinar

  • Optimize Marketing Efforts: Learn strategic approaches to improve your student acquisition channels, without getting bogged down in algorithms and jargon. 
  • Elevate CRM Management: Discover how streamlined CRM processes can improve student engagement and relieve your staff of administrative burdens. 
  • Prioritize Valuable Leads: Uncover key strategies for identifying and nurturing the most promising prospective students. 
  • Streamline Student Onboarding: Gain insights into how a well-planned onboarding process can not only ease administrative strain but also enhance the student experience. 
  • Simplify Eligibility Verification: Learn how to make the process of checking student eligibility straightforward, accurate, and efficient. 
  • Strengthen Enrolment QA: Get tips on developing a robust yet efficient quality assurance process that ensures compliance and student readiness. 

Don’t miss the chance to get ahead of the curve with insider knowledge that could ‘move the needle’ for your institution. Reserve your seat now to embark on this transformative journey, starting with optimizing your student attraction and onboarding processes.

Register today to guarantee your place in this essential 3-part webinar series, brought to you in collaboration with Insources Group, and stay tuned for actionable insights that could revolutionize the way you see and conduct business in the educational sector.

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